Ambit Issue 172

Ambit 172 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Poems
    Ron Sandford Pictures
    Mike Foreman  Cat
 8 Julia Casterton Cushy
 David Remfry Pictures
 15 Robert McAulay & Martin Bax Jonah's the Name!
 21 W.H. Petty Poems
 22 Julie Whitby Poems
 24 Rosemary Norman Poems
 Charles Shearer The Wound Man
 27 Peter Blake Portraits for Under Milk Wood
 33 Lance Lee Poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 38 Geoff Nicholson Volkswagens / at Rest and in Motion
 45 Gerald Locklin Poems
 48 David Grubb Poems
 50 Johnny Strike Night Flamers
      Ken Cox Picture
 53 Knute Skinner Poems
 55 Anne Howeson Drawings from the Narrow Gate series
 58 Valerie Clarke Poems
 61 Paul Groves Poems
      Ken Cox Picture
 64 Reviews Burns, Markham, Porter
 69 Gary Allen Poems
 72 Mike Pope In the Arms of Morpheus
 76 Sonja Besford Poems
 77 George Szirtes Poems
      Philip Wroe Picture
 80 David Bartholomew worldplay
 84 Roger Caldwell Poem of Love
 86 Lomas, Scannell Reviews
 90 Lorna Liffen Poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 92 Ismail B Garba Poems
 94 Peter Gibson Poems
 97 Padraig O'Morain Poems
 98 Danusia Schejbal Pictures from Edgar Allan Poe
 104 Barry Butson Poems
 106 Peter Redgrove Poems
        Patrick Hughes Pictures
 112 Ron Sandford Roxy Beaujolais in The Steven Stars

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