Ambit Issue 176

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Ambit 176 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 James Berry Poems
    Anne Howeson Pictures
 7 Catherine Eisner Faint Aroma of Performing Seals
 11 Jim Greenhalf Poems
 14 Anna Bhushan Angels
 18 Peter Porter Drinking Gavi with Gavin
 19 Richard Gordon-Freeman Poems
 22 Dai Vaughan  Performance
 26 Sonja Besford Poems
       Margot Cox Pictures
 30 Ralph Steadman In Yer Face
 34 Janine Pinion Poems
 36 Geoff Nicholson The Hollywood Dodo
      Mike Foreman Pictures
 50 John Mole Poems
      Robert McAulay Picture
 54 Ayala Kingsley Poems
 57 Ken Cox Americana
 63 Gary Allen Poems
 67 Catherine Harris Milk
      Ken Cox Pictures
 76 Danielle Hope Potters Bar
      Astrid Chesney Picture
 78 Johanna Love Breathing Space
 82 Derrick Buttress Poems
 85  Lomas, Scannell Reviews
 89 Rosemary Norman Poems
 90 William Oxley Shadowy Babylons
      Anna Bhushan Picture
 92 Pat Earnshaw Poems
 94 Brian Wake Poems
 96 Burns, Gahagan Reviews
 100 Owen Gallagher Poems
 102 Nick Parker What Are You Thinking
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait of James Berry

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