Ambit Issue 177

Ambit 177 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Alan Brownjohn Poems
 4 Susana Medina Philosophical Toys
     Robert McAulay Pictures
 11 James Dufficy Poems
 12 Helen Chadwick Ambit Retrospective
 18 Lance Lee Poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 23 Gerald Locklin Poems
 26 Wayne Milstead The Alligator Whisperer
      Mike Foreman Picture
 32 Astrid Chesney The Night
 37 Maria Jastrzębska Poems
 40 Fiona Sampson Moon Bandurrias
      Mike Foreman Pictures
 44 Ann Sharrock Dr Vishnu
 Mike Foreman Picture
 47  Bax, Lomas, Scannell Reviews
 52 Lotte Kramer Poems
 54 Linda Chase Poems
 Charles Shearer Picture
 56 Dave Newman Cathy's Swan-Dive Story
      Ken Cox Pictures
 66 Fred Johnston Poems
 Charles Shearer Picture
 69 Orly Orbach The Man Who Became a Tree
 74 Daljit Nagra The Classy junction
 75 Anthony Edkins Poems
 78 Dawn Garland Poems
 81 Burns, Dyer Reviews
 86 Paul Groves Poems
 88 Joel Lane Poems
 90 Robert McAulay At the Party? At the Club? At the Dance?
 92 DC Jeffreys Martha's Moved On
 95 Suzi Rapoport Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Suzi Rapoport
 Tip-in: Martin Carter Field of Dreams

Artwork on cover by Jack Foreman

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