Ambit Issue 180

Ambit 180 ISSN: 0002-6772

  2 Martin Bax Money
    Mike Foreman Pictures
 14 Richard Dyer Poems
 17 Alistair Wisker Moonlight on Water, for Gina
 18 Marvin Cohen Poems
 20 Geoff Nicholson A Last Sighting of Hunter S
 21 Ralph Steadman Hunter Afterlife
 26 Lance Lee Poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 29 Geoff Nicholson A Long Walk in Hollywood
      Mike Foreman Picture
 34 Peter Phillips Poems
 Nicholas Phillips Picture
 36 Robert Cole Poems
 37 Michael Bartholomew-Biggs At the Caffè Del Tasso
 39 Gwen MacKeith Fern
    Charles Shearer Pictures
 45 Daphne Gloag Poems
 48 Aaron T Stephan Altered Books
 53 Naomi Foyle Three Poems for Brendan
 55 Matthew Licht Just a Touch
      Ken Cox Pictures
 64 Aruna Nair Poems
 66 Ruth O'Callaghan McCready
      Charles Shearer Picture
 68 Gordon Wharton Poems
 69  Lomas, Nelson Reviews
 74 John Lee Grenfell Poems
 77 Glyn Hughes Examples for Creative Writers
 78 Charlie Roff Mediterranean Scenes
 83 Anthony James Poems
 86 David Gaffney 13 Sawn-off Tales
 91 Brian Louis Pearce Studies at Seventy
 96  Burns Reviews
 99 Peter Corbett Apple City
 100 Jim Greenhalf Poems
 102 Peter Porter Poems
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Peter Porter

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