Ambit Issue 181

Ambit 181 ISSN: 0002-6772

  2 Remco Campert Poems, trans. Donald Gardner
    Charles Shearer Picture
  7 Catherine Eisner Mr & Mrs Camilla Revisited
    Mike Foreman Picture
 12 Sally Festing Poems
 13 David Remfry Paradiso
 19 Anthony Edkins Poems
 21 R. Nemo Hill Lola Clarkbyrne
 25 Anthony Howell Poems
 27 Julian Bell Poems
 30 Beverley Bie Brahic Poems
 32 Guillaume Apollinaire Poems, trans. Beverley Bie Brahic
 35 Jacqueline Lucas Fly Paper
      Posy Simmonds Picture
 37 Shanta Acharya Poems
 39 Felicity Ann Alma Poems
 41 Alistair Wisker Poems
 Robert McAulay Picture
 44 Franz van Zoelen Dhaulagiri's Revenge, trans. Renée Milders
      Allen Jones Perfect Match
 52 Steve De France As If They Could Dance Forever
      Jack Foreman Picture
 54 Astrid Chesney Southern India
 60 Ramón Garcia El Jalisco
 Picture Ken Cox
 63 Lomas, Gahagan Reviews 
 68 Jenny Howard Poems
 70 Shouhua Qi Red Guard's Fantasies
      Ken Cox Picture
 81 Anthony Suter Poems
 83 Nicola Gray Library of Dreams
 86 Helena Nelson Poems
 87  Burns, Nelson Reviews
 93 John Rule Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Captain Anderson of Cullivoe

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