Ambit Issue 182

Ambit 182 ISSN: 0002-6772

  2 Eduardo Paolozzi  Retrospective, Vale and Thanks
 13 Fred Voss Poems
      Mark Foreman Picture
 19 HP Tinker The Dead Palace
      Charles Shearer Picture
 29 Ruth O'Callaghan Poems
 Astrid Chesney Picture
 33 Alan Blackwood Three Short Pieces
       Orly Orbach Pictures
 37 Robert Cole Poems
 39 Dai Vaughan Two Short Pieces
      Charles Shearer Picture
 43 Paul Groves Poems
 46 Joan Michelson Christmas Day
 50 Lance Lee Poems
 53 Charles Shearer On the Road in Romania
 58 Burns, Gahagan Reviews
 63 Valerie Clarke Poems
 66 Knute Skinner Poems
 67 Toby Litt tourbusting5
       Ken Cox Picture
 72 John Gladwell Call it Trembling
 73 Julie Whitby Poems
 76 Sheila Smith Transfiguration...
 77 Miriam Fried Penis Life
 80 Owen Gallagher Poems
 82  Lomas, Nelson, Bell Reviews
 87 klipschutz Poems
 89 Catherine Harvey Jefferson Stormy Weather Etchings
 92 Nick Burbridge Poems
 94 Philip Wilson Capuchins
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Anthony Howell

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