Ambit Issue 183

Ambit 183 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Jim Burns Poems at Seventy
 5 Judy Gahagan Malocchio or Evil Eye
    Anne Howeson Picture
 9 Andrzej Klimvwski Horace Dorian, an extract
 14 Tamar Yoseloff Poems
 16 Sonja Besford Poems
 18 Geoff Nicholson What I Did On My Holiday
     Mike Foreman Picture
 24 Paul Angus Poems
 26 Duncan Forbes Poems
    Mike Foreman Picture
 28 David Gaffney Nine Sawn-Off Tales
     Orly Orbach Picture
 33 Brian Daldorph Poem
 34 Naomi Foyle Poems
      Peter Bailey Picture
 37 Nicholas Phillips Drybrush Watercolours
 42 Ismail B. Garba Poems
 44 Belinda Webb Ula Sees
 49 Sheila Hillier Midnight Gardeners of the Adonis Gardens
 50 Tony Lucas Poems
 52 Christopher Nield Three Villanelles
 54  Burns, Lomas Reviews
 60 Valeria Melchioretto Poems
 62 Ravi Shankar Poems
 64 Philip Seargeant De L'Amour (Divertissement)
     Charles Shearer Picture
 70 Tom Osborne Poems
 72 Claire Crowther Poems
 73 Jonny Hannah Rocket Man
 78 David Winwood Poems
 80 Gahagan, Nelson Reviews
 84 Stephen Sharp The Ashes of Christ
      Robert McAulay Picture
 86 Jane Weir Poems
 89 Lee Wilson Poems
      Ken Cox Picture
 92 Adverts
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Dudley Winterbottom

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