Ambit Issue 184

Ambit 184 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Vernon Scannell Three Poems
 4 Catherine Eisner Cousin Ludwig's Subtraction Game
 16 Carole Satyamurti Poems
 19 Louis Phillips Tripple Feature
 20 Margot Cox Figures in Movement
 27 Paul Binding Poems
 Mike Foreman Picture
 30 Shouhua Qi Love Me, Love My Dog
      Ken Cox Picture
 41 Satyendra Srivastava Poems
    Astrid Chesney Pictures
 47  Lomas, Gahagan Reviews
 51 Gerald Locklin Poems
 54 Christopher Roantree The Meaning of Birds
 59 Diana Syder String
 62 Kate Potts Poems
 63 Fred Voss Making America Strong
      Mike Foreman Picture
 73 Gregory Warren Wilson Poems
      Nathalie Gibson Picture
 75 Robert Stein Poems
 76 Burns, Nelson Reviews
 82 Lotte Kramer Poems
 84 Martin Cook Colonial Ancestor
 85 Peter Till Allotment Diaries
 89 Gordon Wharton Poems
 91 Wes Magee Poems
 94 Matthew Licht Finsteraarhorn
    Charles Shearer Picture
 102 Tony Dash
 106 Roger Caldwell
 109 Gary Allen Poems
      Orly Orbach Picture
 112 Ron Sandford Portrait of Margot Cox

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