Ambit Issue 185

Ambit 185 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Judy Gahagan Poems
     Mike Foreman Picture
 5 Ken N. Kamoche Private Lessons
    Ken Cox Picture
 14 Martina Evans Bloody Mary
 15 Chris Pig Who Killed Sugarbaby?
 20 David Ball Poems
     Charles Shearer Picture
 23 Tim Liardet Poems
 26 Alan Blackwood Six Short Pieces
      Orly Orbach Pictures
 32 Sue Butler Poems
 35 John Harvey Well, You Needn't
      Robert McAulay Picture
 38 John Hewitt At the Brass Band Contest and the Rush Cart Festival
 43 Stefan Tobler Poems
 44 James Byrne Poems
      Astrid Chesney Picture
 47 Lorna Dowell Poems
     Charles Shearer Picture
 51 Lomas, Nelson Reviews
 56 Alexis Lykiard Poems
 58 Michael Bartholomew-Biggs Poems
 61 Charles Shearer A Brush with Russian Literature
 65 Madeline Munro Poems
 67 H.R Tinker Caveats
      Ken Cox Picture
 76 Liu Hongbin Poems
 78 Melanie Penycate Poems
 80 Burns, Gahagan, Bax Reviews
 85 Kay Sexton Things to Watch Out For
      Mike Foreman Picture
 87 Mai Yoshida From Franz Kafka
 92 Reuvane Simmons Poems
 94 Julia Casterton Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Eugene Wolstenholm

Artwork on cover by Chris Pig

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