Ambit Issue 187

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Ambit 187 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Poems
    Mike Foreman Toads
 6 Jim Mangnall Skyship to Istanbul
    Mike Foreman Skyship
 18 Lance Lee Poems
 21 Andrzej Klimorwski Horace Dorian, an extract
 27 William Oxley Beyond the Pleasure Principle . . .
 28 Deborah Levy Sigmund Freud: LECTURE 299
 30 James Dufficy Poems
 32 Geoff Nicholson Sigmund Freud's Revolving Restaurant. . .
 36 Richard Dyer Poems
     Zoë Petersen Pinhole Camera Images
 44 Alix Nathan Snakes
    Anne Howeson A Face With Snakes
 49 Peter Bakowski Poems
 51 Anthony Edkins Poems
 53 Joan Ashworth How Mermaids Breed
 56 Deborah Levy Vienna
      Charles Shearer Picture
 61 Jo Stockham Cannon
 62 Brian Docherty Poems
 64 Charles Shearer Picture
 65 David Winthrops Little Black Book
 71 Patrick D. Mackay Three Interpretations of Dreams
 73 Lomas, Nelson Reviews
 78 Liz Almond Poems
 81 Jacqueline Lucas Her Hot Little Hand
      Orly Orbach Picture
 84 Sally Bayley Poems
    Astrid Chesney Picture
 87 Emily Hinshelwood St. Valentine's Day
 88 Burns, Gahagan Reviews
 92 Rachael Boast Poems
     Verity Mansfield Picture
 94 Jessica Harman Poems
 96 Anothony James With the Forest Grew the Axe Handle
      Robert McAulay Picture
 98 Marjorie Carter Poems
100 Robin Ford I Knew Bartok
    Charles Shearer Picture
102 Tony Dash Tabula Rasa
103 Robert McAulay Freudian Tail-piece
104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Deborah Levy

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