Ambit Issue 188

Ambit 188 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Ron Sandford Portrait of Julia Casterton
 3 Julia Casterton Thirteen Poems in The Perfumed Garden
 7 Julia Casterton I.M.
 8 DC Jeffreys Cosmic Arboretum
     Charles Shearer Picture
 15 Jane Deverson Poems
 18 Anne Desmet British Museum and Babel Towers
 23 Mahmoud Darwish Poems, trans. Fady Joudah
 26 Judy Gahagan The Café of the Oneironauts
      Orly Orbach Pictures
 34 Alan Brownjohn And This Is Me
       Robert McAulay Pictures
 38 Nick Sweeney The Architect Interrupted By His Creations
      Astrid Chesney Pictures
 44 Valerie Clarke Poems
       Mike Foreman Frog and Girl
 48 Andrew Elliott Poems
 49 Emily Berry Poems
      Anne Howeson Picture
 53 Dominik Klimowski Inside, Dreaming of Outside
 57 John Gladwell Poems
 60  Burns, Nelson Reviews
 64 John Haynes Poems
 67 Daphne Gloag Poems
 69 K Reed Petty Uncle
 73 Ken Cox & Margot Cox Pas de Deux
 79 Julie Whitby Poems
 81 Mark Dennis The Host
 84 Bax, Lomas Reviews
 89 Ian Caws Poems
 91 John Halladay Mr Carter Is Proud To Say
 92 Suzi Rapoport Poems
 93 Cyrus Shahrad A Matter of Time
      Ken Cox Picture
 96 Gina Wisker Poems
 100 Graham Fulton Poems
 103 Annemarie Austin Poems
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Andrzej Klimoski