Ambit Issue 189

Ambit 189 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Vernon Scannell Poems
    Mike Foreman Picture
 7 Kirsty Allison Lyla
    Ken Cox Picture
 15 Carole Satyamurti Poems
 17 Federico Gallo Sports, Masks and Capuchins
 23 Beverley Bie Brahic Two Poems from the Book of Eve
 25 Martin Cooper Fulcrum
      Astrid Chesney Picture
 30 Naomi Foyle Natasha
      Robert McAulay Pictures
 38 Dai Vaughan Lamentations
 45 Robert Cole Poems
 48 Henry Graham Poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 50 Eduardo Paolozzi For Adults Only
 54 Knute Skinner Poems
 56 Bax, Nelson Reviews
 60 Jim Greenhalf North of the River
       Ron Sandford Picture
 66 Sebastiano Grasso Poems, trans. Giuliano Dego and Margaret Straus
 68 David Gaffhey Five Sawn-Off Tales
 73 Paul Groves Poems
 75 Chris Orr Cities of Holy Dreams
 79 Tony Curtis Poems
      Orly Orbach Picture
 82 Tom Bradley Fricasseed Filipina
        Charles Shearer Picture
 87 Naomi Foyle The Pablo Neruda Barbeque
 88 Tony Lucas Poems
      Ken Cox Picture
 91  Burns, Gahagan, Lomas Reviews
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Tony Lucas

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