Ambit Issue 191

Ambit 191 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Poems
     Mike Foreman Picture
 5 Euron Griffith The Beatles in Tonypandy
     Peter Blake Picture
 15 Peter Blake Still Life Drawing
 21 Mike Loveday Icarus
 22 Tim Liardet Poems
 24 Edmund Prestwich Before They Built the Great Transnational Carriageways
      Robert McAulay Picture
 27 Joseph Mattson A Bloody Dove, Three Bums, War, and Not Another Drink
       Ken Cox Picture
 32 Angela Readman Poems
 34 Chris Orr Tales
 39 Mir Mahfuz Ali Poems
 41 Catherine Eisner The Man in the Wardrobe
      Orly Orbach Picture
 58 David Winwood Poems
 60 Henry Graham Just Being
 61  Lomas, Burns, Nelson Reviews
 66 Donald Gardner Poems
      Astrid Chesney Picture
 72 H.P Tinker At the End of the Hellenic Period
     Charles Shearer Picture
 79 James Ferguson Poems
 81 Kate Boxer Paintings and Prints
 86 Julian Stannard Poems
 88 Brendan McMahon Poems
 89 Judy Gahagan The Magic Set
      Mike Foreman Picture
 96 Helen Clare Poems
 98 Burns, Nelson, Graham Reviews
101 Robert Stein Poems
103 lain Britton Eve
104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Tim Liardet

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