Ambit Issue 192

Ambit 192 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Ron Sandford Portrait of Vernon Scannell
 3 Vernon Scannell His Last Poem For Ambit
 7 Carol K Howell Mrs. Cohen's Conversion
    Orly Orbach Pictures
 21 Gavin Thorogood A Lurid Orange Glow
 25 Danielle Hope Poems
 26 Sahin Kathawala Advice from the Nagini and other poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 31 Robert Vas Dias Connection - Collection
 33 Ken Cox Cycling Round Spain Found Objects
 39 Douglas Thompson Sylvow
      Ally Thompson Pictures
 50 Lucien Jenkins Poems
 52 Dash, Burns Reviews
 56 Fiona Marshall Foundation Day
 57 Andrew Kerr Poems
 61 Ian Macdonald Winter in Arabia with a Model and a Camel
      Mike Foreman Picture
 73 Graham Mummery Poems
    Robert McAulay Picture
 76 Amy Licence Poems
 78 Christopher Roantree Generatio Aequivoca
 83 Angela Kirby Poem
 84 John Gladwell Poems
 85 Tolkien, Nelson Reviews
 90 Joan Poulson Poems
 92 Ruth O 'Callaghan Generations
 93 Nicola Field The Dead Dog
 94 Rebecca Goss Poems
 95 Julie Whitby Near and Far
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Penny Hughes-Stanton

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