Ambit Issue 193

Ambit 193 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Giancarlo Pandini (trans. Dego & Straus) Signs From Daily Life
    Robert MacAulay Picture
 6 Matthew Licht The Dryden West
    Fred Licht Photographs
 16 David Fulford Faustus Drawings and The Sacred Squid
 21 Alexis Lykiard Oh, A Poem
 23 Satyendra Srivastava The Hand of Assent
      Anne Howeson Pictures
 30 John McCullough The Idea of Order in Sonny's All-night Cafeteria
      Mark Foreman Picture
 32 David Grubb Be Very Afraid
 34 Margot Cox Figures on the Move
 39 Carolyn Jess-Cooke Pamukkale, Turkey
      Charles Shearer Pictures
 42 Toby Martinez The Slight
 44 David Mac Venus in the Passenger Seat/Skeletal Forever
      Ken Cox / Orly Orbach Pictures
 50 Lotte Kramer 1939
 52  Burns, Graham, Tolkien Reviews
 56 Siriol Troup Survival of the Prettiest
 58 Glyn Hughes My Piano Teacher
 59 Valeria Melchioretto Twin Room
      Mike Foreman Picture
 61 Catherine Eisner In Search of the Fourth Man
 79 Jehane Markham Forgive Me Mandelstam
 81 Page Tsou The Portrait
 85 Judith Lai Flint and Sponge
 87Nelson, MacKeith, Ferner Reviews
 92 Elizabeth Birchall Sailing on Sunbeams
      Mike Foreman Picture
 94 Miche Kohler A Cathedral On Spilled Blood
      Ken Cox Picture
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of John Morgan

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