Ambit Issue 194

Ambit 194 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Henry Graham Goals, Squares and other poems
     Mike Foreman Goals, Squares and Universe
 8 Tamas Dobozy A Catalogue of Birdsong
     Charles Shearer Picture
 19 Zoë Taylor The Greatest Magician
 24 Anthony Edkins Poems
 Mike Foreman Palamedes
 28 Katherine Crocker Poems
 31 Mireille Fauchon 255 Bedford Hill
 36 Valerie Clarke Poems
     Jack Foreman Lizard
 39 H. P. Tinker The Fall of Bohemia
      Ken Cox Pictures
 55 Jim Burns Poems
      Robert McAulay Pictures
 61  Nelson, Gahagan, Burns, Tolkien Reviews
 66 Christopher Nield Poems
 69 Rhian Gallagher Blood Work
 70 Christopher Horton Poems
 72 Gary Allen Poems
      Orly Orbach ...same saplings from the one tree
 76 Burns, Ferner, Besford, Berry, Bax Reviews
 80 Suzann Kundi Dolls
 85 Alan Dixon Poems
 86 Nicholas Royle Full On Night
      Zoë Taylor Picture
 89 Linda Rose Parkes Poems
 92 Ron Sandford Portrait of E. A. Markham
 93 E. A. Markham Poems In Memoriam
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Naomi Foyle

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