Ambit Issue 195

Ambit 195 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Patrick Hicks Breakfast with the Dead
     Charles Shearer Picture
 5 Joan Jobe Smith Went- Went Girl
      Ken Cox Picture
 17 Emily Berry Seasons for Lovers
 19 Chris Pig & Fernando Feijoo Drink
 24 Robin Ford A Dimbola at Freshwater
 26 Sam Gardiner The Arisen
 29 Daphne Gloag A Kingfisher Flies Across the Canal
 31 Douglas Thompson The Equation
      Ally Thompson Picture
 43 Rosemary Norman Lost Children
 45 Orly Orbach Swan Lake
 51 Sally Testing The Same Song
      Mike Foreman Harley
 53 Burns, Norman Reviews
 56 Myra Schneider Bed
 58 Geoff Nicholson Tramping with Nazis
      Robert McAulay Pictures
 67 Lance Lee Old Flame
 72 Ellen Kinson Amphibian
 73 Astrid Chesney Fresh Fish For Sale
 78 James Dufficy Lesbian
 80 Burns, Berry, Ferner, Bax Reviews
 83 Michael Tolkien Heat of the Moment
 86 Linda Lee Welch Blue Note
 89 Jo Haslam Five Fly
 91 Jacqueline Smith Alice
       Chris Pig Mice
 94 Julian Stannard Miss Moon
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Julian Stannard

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