Ambit Issue 197

Ambit 197 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Fred Voss Shakespeare Worked Here
    Jack Foreman Picture
 7 Thomas Dylan Eaton The Yamal Incident
    Michael Foreman Picture
 12 Monica Naranjo Uribe The Gap Between Strangers
 18 Anthony Suter Visual Impairment
 20 Marion Ashton Swimming in the Weiland
 22 Joan Eyles Johnson The Plumber's Nun
      Ken Cox Picture
 25 Alan Brownjohn Ludbrooke: His Instinct
 27 Robert Cole Rubbish
      Michael Foreman Picture
 29 Dai Vaughan He Steps Off
 30 Taner Baybars Centre Hospitalier de Béziers, Cardiologie
 32 Jeremy Worman Cobblers for the Revolution!
 36 Satyendra Srivastava The Dinner in the Dog
 38 Alexis Lykiard 'I Feel Like A New Man'
 39 Andrew Oldham The Little Red House
 41 Peter Rapp Politics, Religion and War
 46 Tim Liardet Fantasia on the Snarl
 48 Robert Sward 'Dog Darwin' Poems
      Chris Pig Picture
 51 Catherine Eisner Confessions of a Kissee
      illustrated by Astrid Chesney
 58 Gordon Wharton Morning Chai
 60 Reviews
 67 Catherine Clarke The Same Field
 69 Douglas Thompson A Game of Chess
      Charles Shearer Picture
 83 Annemarie Austin Going Back In
 85 Euron Griffith The Royal Exchange
 88 Rebecca Latyntseva Miss Snipsnap
      Jack Foreman Picture
 91 Ricardo Pan-Llosa Little Dog Man
 93 David Mac The Trees Hold Broken Necks
 94 Marcus Smith Fires Here
 98 Ron Sanford Portrait of Alan Kitching

Artwork on the cover by Chris Pig

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