Ambit Issue 199

Ambit 199 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Lance Lee & Charles Shearer Les Corbeaux de Bonnieux
 6 Margaret Galvin & Mireille Fauchon Initiation
 7 Charles Shearer Hooves and Horns
 12 John Hartley Williams & Mike Foreman Cracked Piano Music
 18 Joan Poulson & Mike Foreman No teetering
 21 Abigail Parry Three, Three, the Rivals
 23 Matthew Licht & Ken Cox Dog Dick Afternoons
 29 Judi Benson The Dreich Elephant Speaks
 32 Tracy Williams & Jack Foreman Tales from the Hollywood Bus Stop
 39 Stephen Gray Progenitor
 40 Patrick Hughes Perfectspective
 46 Tariq Latif & Mike Foreman The Desert Daughter
 49 David Gaffney New Shorts
 57 Lee Passarella Ezra Pound Reads at the Inaugural
 59 Reviews: Khoury-Ghata, D' Aguiar, Burnside and more
 63 Tim Vyner Olympic Games Drawings
 70 Peter Gibson In a Cold Night
 71 Mary Cresswell The Sound of Now
 73 Simon Jackson & Ken Cox Satdae Neet Jazz
 76 John Saul & Chris Pig Pheasant
 81 Reviews: Bartholomew-Biggs, Elliott, Glenday and more
 86 Naomi Foyle & Orly Orbach Dawn
 92 Thomas Land Funeral Song
 94 Knute Skinner Something in the Grass
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Nicholas Royle

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