Ambit Issue 200

Ambit 200 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Peter Porter / Mike Foreman A Toccatina of Galuppi's
6 Posy Simmonds The Generations
12 Judy Gahagan / Charles Shearer Moments in the Ark
15 Carl Tighe / Danusia Schejbal & Andzrej Klimowski Neighbours & Strangers
32 Robert Sward The Astronomer
35 Judy Brown The Helicopter Pilot's Lament
36 Robin Helweg-Larsen This Ape I Am
38 David Remfry New York Tattoos
44 Judith Kazantzis / Orly Orbach In the Suburb of the Bronze Doors
46 Florence EIon Locked In
48 Noel Monahan Scarecrow Woman
49 Deborah Levy / Charles Shearer Shining a Light
53 Richard Gwyn No Love for the Enemy
54 Edmund Prestwich / Anne Howeson Egyptian Labourers
58 Derek Adams Shrewd
60 Vanessa Jackson Woodcuts
64 Sam Riviere Walter's Excerpt
66 Jim Burns Drunks and Bankers
69 Jehane Markham Time is My Mind
72 Satyendra Srivastava The Bhasmasur Love
74 Nina Bogin The Old World
75 Catherine Eisner / Astrid Chesney Romance with a Stick Insect
92 Gerald Locklin Pierre Auguste Renoir
95 Ron Sandford A Sacred Grove - Cousins of Daphne
101 Sonja Besford Arnica Talking
103 Julian Stannard Diachronic Time
105 Jonathan Lethem / Jack Foreman The Billboard Men
110 Jim Greenhalf Nichtomorph
112 Myra Schneider Caffè Nero
115 Martin Bax / Robert MacAulay Bible Stories
122 Carole Satyamurti Night Train to Bologna
124 H. P Tinker / Ken Cox The Modernist Uprising
133 Vidyan Ravinthiran Elegy
135 Charles Roff Charlie's Angels
140 Fleur Adcock / Orly Orbach Goodbye to New Zealand
142 Geoff Nicholson / Ken Cox The Disappearing Kid
150 Ambit Competition Winners
155 Reviews of Lomas, Markham, Nichols...
160 Gina Wisker Candles in the Dark
163 Sir Peter Blake Under Milkwood
169 Alan Brownjohn The Beacons
171 Nick Sweeney Monstrous Men
178 Martin Cook Ariadne's Escape
180 Reviews of Byrne, Hope, Abse...
184 A. A. Marcoff Creation
187 Douglas Thompson The Forest of Veils
206 Beverly Bie Brahic On Stendhal's Pants
208 Chris Pig Scenes from Domestic Life
212 Poems from the Past
219 Mike Barlow Midnight Dipper
221 Ron Sandford Portrait of Anne Howeson
222 Ron Sandford Portrait of Emily Berry
223 Emily Berry David
224 Ron Sandford Portrait of Kit

Artwork on cover by Sir Peter Blake
Designed by John Morghan Studio