Ambit Issue 203

Ambit 203 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Fred Voss / Michael Foreman Antelope and iPod
 14 Catherine Eisner Addendum to a Forgotten MS
 17 Sally Fryer India Etchings
 23 Gavin Bantock No Bananas
 27 Dai Vaughan / Jack Foreman A Climbing
 29 Euron Griffith Green Card
 31 Paul Goddard / Charles Shearer The Way We Live Now
 41 Graham Fulton The Statue on Paisley Cenotaph
 43 Grace Oilier Shakespeare Portraits
 47 Reviews of Vas Dias, Lucas, Crucefix, Norman, Kaddour
 50 Judith Kazantzis Dick Cheney's Garden (extracts)
 53 Carl Fighe Nearly Haiku
 55 Alix Nathan / Joseph Childs Eels
 59 Alexis Lykiard Buddy Language
 61 Reviews of Brines, Burns
 63 Joseph Childs Mysterious Journey
 68 Helen Kitson / Mireille Fauchon Woman Artist
 71 Daphne Gloag Explosion of Stars
 74 Nick Sweeney / Michael Foreman Wojtek and the Commissar
 81 Anthony Edkins Nemesis
 82 Lamorna Elmer / Astrid Chesney Pluck
 84 Will Nichols / Ken Cox If You Decide to Leave Me
 92 Lucy Ann Watt The General's Last Flame at the Funeral
 94 David Grubb The Ghosts of New York City
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Lady with Cyclam

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