Ambit Issue 204

Ambit 204 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 James Priestman / Michael Foreman Breakfast, 3rd July 2009
 6 David Shook Illustrating Tracts
 7 Geoff Nicholson / Ken Cox A Spark of Darkness
 10 Naomi Frears Art Set
 15 Richard Halpern Circus of the Perfume of Time
 18 Nick Burbridge Ludo
 21 John Harvey / Ken Cox Handy Man
 29 Miles Burrows Should Catullus Be Read by Old People?
 33 Sandra Giaze / Charies Shearer Gemma's Inferno
 38 Jane Deverson Waking
 39 Theresa Reilly-Cooper Art Set
 44 Judy Gahagan One Season of Our Inner Year (Rilke)
 48 Reviews: Ingram, Murray Muldoon, Shuttle, Guest Sail, Duran, Ozmen
 53 Donald Gardner / Mireille Fauchon The New Wolf
 57 Jeremy Worman / Chris Pig Myfanwy, China, Harry, and a Goldfish
 60 Tony Lucas / Michael Foreman Retrospective
 64 Vikram Kapur / Astrid Chesney When the White Man Came for Chai
 70 Sally Douglas Icon
 72 Reviews: Wharton, Petrucci, Brownjohn, Burbridge, Tellegen, Jope, Greinke
 76 Robert Cole Curriculum Vitae
 78 Alan Blackwood / Michael Foreman Bon Voyage
 80 David Ball / Christian Fumagalli Fumagalli's Horses
 82 Suzanne Conway Grandfather
 83 Andrzej Michal Maria N. Borkowski Self Portraits
 88 Tony Dash Nelly's Billet-Doux
 91 Jenny Lewis From Taking Mesapotamia
 94 Helena Nelson Drawn
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Helena Nelson

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