Ambit Issue 205

Ambit 205 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Michael Cunningham / Posy Simmonds Housewives' Choice
 7 Fraser Calderwood / Orly Orbach Swap
 14 Hannah Carding War and Flea
 18 Abi Curtis / Charles Shearer Purpose-built Town
 22 Robin Ford / David FuIford How I Became a Tree
 25 Paul Groves / Mike Foreman Perplexity
 28 Eley Williams / Mireille Fauchon Of Seeping and Draining
 32 Elizabeth Birchall Chill
 34 Sandra de Matos TV Drawings
 39 Sam Riviere The Sweet New Style
 41 Heather Phillipson A Dramatic Look Inside the Heart Makes for Interesting Television
 44 Catherine Eisner / Ken Cox The Shadow on the Blind
 57 Liz Berry Foal
 58 Christopher Nield The Fortune Teller
 61 Donna Pucciani Turbulence
 62 Joe Dresner Bris
 64 Abigail Parry Incubus
 67 Andrew F. Giles Piers Gaveston, Keeper of the Realm
 68 Reviews: Neil Lead beater, Sam Gardiner, Matthew Caley Ramsay Nasr (Translated from the Dutch by David Colmer), Ruth Fainlight, Tim Liardet, Susan Wicks, Brian Aldiss, Lance Lee
 74 Helen Mort Frost
 76 Thomas Harnett O’Meara The Golden Era of Illustration
 80 Edward Mackay The Abbat
 82 Paul Sweeten / Mike Foreman Prodigy
 89 Maxwell Minckler Her Pillow Is Too Small
 91 Kim Moore I Want You to Build Me an Island
 92 Chris Jackson The Gallery or The Seven Ages of Man
 93 David Troupes Chasing Nieces at Dunham Massey
 95 Joseph J. Turrent Night-Run At Kitsbuhl
 96 Vidyan Ravinthiran A Chair Addresses Jack

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