Ambit Issue 206

Ambit 206 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Kevin Crossley-Holland / Astrid Chesney In the Window-Seat
 9 Jack Moss Crayon and Pencil Drawings
 14 Nigel Pantling Moon-landing
 19 Alix Nathan MOVE
 20 Myra Schneider Oranges
 22 Geoff Nicholson / Michael Foreman Q A W G O L D O F
 25 Knute Skinner Ringing the Number
 27 Myriam Frey / Orly Orbach Divine Intervention
 30 Satyendra Srivastava Do It You Are In Charge
 33 H. P. Tinker / Ken Cox Alice In Time & Space and Various Major Cities
 40 Clare Thompson Mechanisms
 46 Marcus Smith La Rhapsodie des bas quartiers
 47 Joan Jobe Smith / Michael Foreman Bukowski Chugs Cheap Beer at the No-No a
 52 Gerda Mayer / Michael Foreman Love-Iife 1941
 55 Reviews of Burnside, Harsent, Satyamurti, Liardet, Swann, Foyie, Perrin, Ondaatje, Phillips, Marriott and Ingram
 62 Diana Hendry Cousins
 64 William Peskett / Charles Shearer Confectionery
 78 Edmund Prestwich / Michael Foreman Welwitschia Mirabilis
 82 Gary Allen The Day John Lennon Died
 85 Cat Roisseter The Violent Ordeals
 90 Luke Salazar ICU
 93 Dai Vaughan / Mike Foreman The Ship - A Riff on the Bob Dylan Lyric
 95 Paul Bentley from Don
 97 Joanna Ingham / Orly Orbach The Corpse Road
 100 Robert Hamberger / Mireille Fauchon My Mother as Ingrid Bergman
 103 Kaddy Benyon Mummy
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Douglas Thompson

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