Ambit Issue 207

Ambit 207 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Lotte Kramer / David Fulford January Day
 5 John Saul / Chris Pig Everything Guberman
 10 Jennifer-Kate McIntyre The Menagerie Series
 16 Rosemary Norman Orpheus
 18 Donald Atkinson / Mireille Fauchon I, Claudius
 20 Nick Sweeney / Ken Cox The Pitch
 25 Patricia Cherin Only Hummingbirds Fly True North
 26 Lance Lee A Night in the Mountains Under Starlight After a Downpour
 28 Thomas Orszag-Lánd Reading for Rush Hour
 32 Eleanor Taylor Resourceful Women and Others
 37 J. Jason Mitchell The Anatomy of Saints
 38 Alexis Lykiard Dutch Streets
 40 Catherine Eisner / Michael Foreman A Bad Case: The Unexplained Growing Pains of Elise von Alpenberg
 53 Clint Margrave / Astrid Chesney The Bisous Ban
 59 Reviews of Stannard, Mayer, Caldwell, McCannon, Horovitz, Gross, Brown, Lochhead, Scupham, Brownjohn, Riley, Grubb
 68 John Hartley Williams / Michael Foreman Painting the Empress
 72 Julian Stannard Strokestown
 75 Ken Cox Portraits
 81 Martin Cook Map of Honshu
 82 Susan de Sola Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
 84 Michele Powles A Body of Land
 88 Colin Will The Hook
 90 Brian Daldorph The Second Shock
 92 Neil Ferguson / Charles Shearer Marvellous
102 John Murphy Achilles in the Afternoon
103 Angela Readman / Ken Cox Only in Nevada
107 Benedict Newbery Maurice
108 Ron Sandford Portrait of Terence Dalton

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