Ambit Issue 209

Ambit 209 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Fleur Adcock / Mike Foreman Unmentionable
 6 Tim Vyner Carrying the Olympic Torch
 12 Alix Nathan / Mike Foreman Mad
 19 Myra Schneider Guided Tour
 21 Geoff Geis / Ken Cox North
 30 Terry Jones Jane and Tanner
 33 Robert Hamberger My Cousin Gillian
 34 Daphne Gloag Our Mediterranean and the Story of Ulysses
 36 Holly Corfield Carr / Orly Orbach Fog
 47 Harry Guest Hand Over Fist
 49 Owen Gallagher If We Should Part
 51 Dan Duggan Not in Comparison
 52 Anne Howeson The Past in the Present
 58 Álvaro Fierro / Mike Foreman Improvised Reflections in Pools
 61 Reviews of Allen, Butler, Crossley-Holland, Fulton, Lykiard, May, Hartley Williams,Vas Dias, Utting
 68 Martina Evans / Mike Foreman The Trap
 70 David Cooke For a Good Intention
 72 Graham Fulton / Charles Shearer A Trip to the Moon
 77 A.C. Bevan The Mandrake
 79 Annemarie Austin The Sick Transit of Gloria Mundy
 82 Joel Turner / Chris Pig Viennese Chocolate Cake
 87 Daisy Behagg / Mireille Fauchon Portrait Shot
 90 Ron Sandford Shetland Museum Gallery Exhibition
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Mike Smith

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