Ambit Issue 21

Ambit 21 ISSN: 0002-6772

3 Christopher Middleton From Pataxanadu
5 Anthony Edkins Three Confrontations
9 Peter Redgrove Three Poems
12 Jim Burns Retrospect 13
15 Eric Mathieson Four Poems
17 Rovert McAuley Three Deaths
20 Tony Connor Four Poems
23 Laurie Preece Three Drawings
28 Jean Symons Two Poems
29 Adam Hardwick Frank Manton and the Holy Brother
41 John Horder Two Poems
42 Earle Birney Two Poems
44 John Horder Reviews Hobsbaum, Johnson, Mitchell
46 Anselm Hollo Reviews Russell
48 B. S. Johnson On Supply
49 Notes on Contributors

Cover design by Mike Foreman 
Robin Ray illustrated Pataxanadu 

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