Ambit Issue 212

Ambit 212 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Donald Gardner Ghost Story
 5 Peter Blake Woodcuts and Life Drawings
 10 Alix Nathan / Ken Cox Beautiful Butcher
 16 Satyendra Srivastava In the Matter of Joss and Joyce
 19 Matin Monahan / Mireille Fauchon Car-Park, a Story
 23 Sonja Besford Conning Out
 24 Jane Clarke / Charles Shearer The Price
 26 H. P Tinker / Charles Shearer Conspiracy of Eunuchs
 35 Dan Duggan Brash Ice / Cypher Series
 41 Beverley Bie Brahic / Michael Foreman Continuities
 44 Jehane Markham Baby Love
 47 Todd Swift Speaking to an Eighty-Four Year Old Blind Woman About the Loss of her Virginity
 49 Catherine Eisner / Orly Orbach Darkly, More is Seen
 62 Reviews of Lowe, Seidel, Sweeney, Szirtes, Beckett, Stainer, Minhinnick, Lee, Berry
 70 Clive McWilliam Brought up by a Marsh
 72 Brian Wake Paradise
 74 Charles Shearer Prints and Drawings
 80 David Tait / Michael Foreman Unforgetting Paris
 82 David Grubb / Chris Pig Roof Space
 86 Dill Darling Since They Did Away With Sundays
 88 Richard W. Halperin Half Buried
 94 Lance Lee Ars Poetica
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Nick Hunt

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