Ambit Issue 213

Ambit 213 ISSN: 0002-6772

 4 Liz Berry / Astrid Chesney Taps
 9 Edward Doegar 9 to 5
 10 Martin Bax / Michael Foreman Love and its Disorders
 14 Ron Sandford Drawings From the Far North
 20 Euron Griffith Idris and Jenny
 22 Dan Duggan The Luxury of the Dispossessed
 24 Geoff Nicholson / Michael Foreman The Alphabetizer
 30 Kerry-Lee Powell Fallowfield Station
 31 Sally Festing 'The View From My Own Very Limited Bit of Trench'
 32 H.P. Tinker / Orly Orbach The Sitwell Incident
 38 Anne Howeson The Present in the Past
 43 Anthony Howell Ode to No One
 44 Myra Schneider Visions of Hawthorn Blossom
 45 Robert Hamberger / Charles Shearer The AlDS Memorial
 50 Carl Tighe / Michael Foreman Early Days
 56 Judy Gahagan Trying to Watch Night Fall
 58 Miklós Radnòti, trans. by Thomas Ország-Land Death march
 60 John Harvey / Mireille Fauchon Darkness, Darkness
 65 Judith Kazantzis My Love
 67 Harry Guest / Margot Cox The Leavis Paradigm
 70 Gary Allen Ghost Dance
 73 Chris Orr The Making of Things
 79 Colin Will / Ken Cox Tasteless
 81 Fred Voss / Michael Foreman We survived women who wooed us into beds of ecstasy and then pulled out knives
 85 Tony Dash Bad Samaritan
 88 Jim Burns Blackpool Tower
 89 Douglas Thompson The Rhymer
 94 Ken Cox Anatomy of Dance
 99 Douglas Thompson Stars
100 François Migeot trans. by David Ball Stream of Silk
102 Tim Liardet Letters to Peter Porter
104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Foreman, Sandford and Bax

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