Ambit Issue 214

Ambit 214 ISSN: 002-6972

3 Julian Stannard September 1939
6 Jack Westlake Harry Simpson’s Body
9 Alan Brownjohn Antidote
12 Doug Argue Paintings
22 Patrick Moran Gannets, Diving
24 Marcella O’Connor / Charles Shearer Hotel
29 Naomi Foyle How to keep writing…
33 Angus Sinclair Defense d’afficher
34 Ralf Webb Lula’s Cabaret
36 Jodie E Hollander Green
37 Megan Bradbury Collection
43 Jérôme Luc Martin War Correspondence
44 The Joseph Brodsky / Stephen Spender Prize Winners
48 Katrin Bremermann Papergirl (Limited Edition Poster)
50 John Wallbank Makeshift Envelope
59 Anthony Seidman In 2300 BC, Emperor Yao
60 Carrie Etter Expatriate, Thanksgiving
61 Jehane Markham Tales from Utopia
63 John Duncan Talbird Snow, Relapse
64 Richard Kemp One Hundred Years from Now
65 David Romanda Again
66 Angela Cleland Sparring
67 Simon Royall Townhouse
68 Rebecca Swirsky / Mireille Fauchon The Prince and The Pea
73 Susan de Sola Frozen Charlotte
74 George Maude After the Rain a Little Pergola
75 Christine Webb My Sister and the Birds
77 Philippa Thomas Magic Circle
80 Chris Rawcliffe The Xerox Book                                                                                    87 Michael Ray Yellow
88 Ambit Action with English PEN – Aron Atabek
89 Paul Adrian St Anthony’s Shadow
90 Eley Williams Spines
95 William Searle Angels of the Scrap-Yard
96 Jason Oddy Photograph

Artwork on cover by Doug Argue