Ambit Issue 215

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Ambit 215 ISSN: 0002-6972


3 Martyn Crucefix Rebuilding Tellisford Weir
5 Lisa Kelly Six Perspectives on Lilian Kjaerulff
8 Joshua Mostafa / Julian Openski Cheat Mode
16 Gavin Morrison Phillip King
26 Martin Monahan Notes for an Appliqué of the Fish Market
27 Dan Duggan Chinese Night
29 Kita Shantiris Scars
31 Donna Pucciani Dust
32 Anna Saunders After Dark
33 Krishan Coupland Decade
37 Daniel Jeffreys The Brightlingsea Boy
41 George Looney Tattoo of a Road Runner
43 Dominic Bury The Lighthouse
44 Carrie Etter Imagined Sons
45 Natacha Bryan June Meeting
47 Kate Miller Bouquet
48 Neil Ayling Ectype (Limited Edition Poster)
50 Trevor Shearer
57 David Troupes The First Settlement
59 Joanna Bratten Sunset Over Watford
59 Aideen Henry Spindrift
60 Stuart Snelson The Double Life
67 Jessica Mayhew Pin Ups
69 Katrina Naomi Portrait of my Step-father as a Xmas Tree
70 Alex Strnad Praga Cantat
72 Beth Gilstrap/ Abby Clark Getting By With Sound
81 Carolyn Jess-Cooke What matters
82 Pippa Little For Adele
83 Sinta Werner
93 Huw Lawrence Emigre
94 Eli Goldstone Dumb
96 Enoh Meyomesse Ambit Action
97 Afric McGlinchey Spillage
99 Joel Scarfe In Time
100 Jack Conway Hems Untitled #4

Artwork on cover by Phillip King