Ambit Issue 217

Ambit 217 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 John Menaghan At the Maywood Market
5 Marianne Burton Accident On The Escalier Daru
8 Terence Dooley The Why of It
9 William Blomstedt Dead Cat Blues
22 Katy Evans-Bush Croonerisms
25 Jen Cooper A Line Drawn
26 Scott Myles In Conversation
36 Philip Cowell The Beachcomber
37 Josiah Meints The Man With an Immolating Voice
42 Anthony Seidman translates Salvador Novo’s Epifania
44 George Jackson Birthday
46 Ariel Dawn The Tower
47 Brian Wake Visiting Florence
48 Claire Baily Living (Limited Edition Poster)
50 Summer Salon
58 Ambit Translation Slam Winner / Rosalind Harvey translates Tedi López Mills Una Vida en el Día
62 Matthew Licht Be 52 Now
72 Allison McVety The Light Fantastic
73 Sue Butler Silence (25)
74 Will Mayer A Nomad’s Castle
77 Dan Wyke Fiesta
77 Lavinia Singer Pestival Date
78 Kirsty Logan The Elephant Dance
80 Matthew Stewart Tea Time
82 James Carpenter +One
83 Spencer Stucky In the Studio
92 Marjorie Lotfi Gill Number 9 Cullipool
94 In Memoriam / Satyendra Srivastava Sir Winston Churchill Knew My Mother
96 Kirsten Harkonen Hawaii #35

Artwork on cover by Scott Myles

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