Ambit Issue 218

Ambit 218 ISSN: 0002-6972

3   Kevin Crossley-Holland Trespasses
4   John F. Deane Brief History of a Life
5   Dan O’Brien The War Reporter Paul Watson and the Room Across the hall
7   Annie Stenzel All of it, and Spring as well
8   Willard Boepple Monoprints
18 Noel O’Regan / Anthony Jaycott Lamping
25 Ambit Poetry Competition
28  Joel Scarfe Betelgeuse
29  Lavie Tidhar / Sofia Drescher The Woman Who Fell in Love with the Hungerford Bridge
35  Julian Stannard Miss Pinkerton
36  Robert Stein Certain Postponements
37  Jonathan Edwards Photograph of Crosskeys Co-op Staff, 1923
38  Kit Caless Vanishing Twin
40 Hywel Livingstone Art on the Screen: from Real to Virtual Space
48 Tristan Stevens dépanneur, 2014
50  Peter Daniels Dalston Junction
51  Rowena Macdonald The Temptation of Ralph Lauren
57  Caroline Price How I came to propose to my first husband
58  Max Hildebrand Untitled
59  Benjamin Evans Bolt
60  Ellen Cranitch The Fulcrum
61  Jack Westlake An Echo on the Night Wind
62  Aviva Dautch Berlin
64  Nicky Arscott The symmetry in Evaporating
65  Lucy Mercer French Holiday, 1984
66  Sohini Basak And So the Conversation Slips
70  James Varney Autumn Ritual
71  John White A Mother in Israel
71  Benjamin Smith Childhood
72  Thomas Darby Evening Shift
74  Laura Seymour Heretics
75  Sam Buchan-Watts The Sacks
76  Alan Buckley The Unchosen
77  Lee Marshall Copy and Paste
86 Armando Celayo As Hard and Sharp As Knuckles
88  Craig Cotter I Need to Dream About You
89  Johan Huybrechts Still Life With Fish
90  Malene Engelund After Georgia 0’Keeffe
92 André Naffis-Sahely Flying on New Year’s Eve
95  Paula Bohince Slideshow
96  Anna Strand Det finns olika sätt att ge sig av /There are different ways to leave

Artwork on cover by Willard Boepple