Ambit Issue 219

Ambit 219 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Steve Ely Wealhhnutu
8 Kate Bingham Untitled #1 and #2
9 Tony Dash The Bad Catholic
10 Kyle R M Galveston Texas
12 Nicola Nathan The Mole Speaks Words of Love to Thumbelina
14 Vivienne Tregenza L’Arbre du Paradis (i)
15 Anna Mantzaris / Kristian Jones The Girl Who Can Take the Most Electricity
23 Stuart Elliot Interview
34 Paula Brancato Michele
35 Carrie Etter Responsibility
35 Michael Casper Qazal for Hana
36 Alex Preston / Adi Hollander Wyndham Le Strange Buys the School
46 Cornelia Baltes Ambit Online Artwork
48 Jamie Bull Beasts
57 Maitreyabandhu Den Stora Gåtan
58 Dan Duggan Acute BLUES
60 Hugh Fulham-McQuillan Preface to the 4th Edition
62 Ernesto Cardenal translated by JS Tennant Prayer for Marilyn Monroe
64 Ashley-Elizabeth Prostitutes Holding Puppies, Gathered for a Drinking Bee in the White Chapel District of Dawson City,Yukon, c.1898
66 Alex Meurice Painting as Critique
74 Nebeolisa Okwudili Finding His Body
75 Kate Miller Against This Light 76 Barry Charman Remorse Code
78 Sasha Saben Callaghan Those Steps Ahead
81 James Davey Angus: Homeless in Sicily
83 Tara Lee Getting Used to You
86 Fred Johnston Oranges
87 Lindsay Macgregor Sunday Rituals
88 Adam Horovitz Holiday in Arden 90 Angharad Toms San Diego Zoo
92 David Tait Typhoon Kalmaegi and The Ifrit at The Venetian, Macau
95 Julie Mellor Propolis 96 Seamus Gough Bush / Football

Artwork on cover by Jamie Bull

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