Ambit Issue 220

Ambit 220 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Fred Voss He’s the Man who Danced with Marilyn Monroe
4 Emily Hasler A Stretch of River
10 Sophie Collins The Saints
12 Tom Cook In Memory of Jim Melican
15 Steven Heighton Professions of Love
23 Charles Hewlings Supposals
34 Matthew Gregory Oranges
36 Donald Gardner Out of Sorts
37 Will Burns Hurricane Season
39 Cassandra Passarelli / Oliver McAinsh Writing the Vessels
46 Brendan Prendeville Sculpting with Air
54 Jack West Machinations #6
56 Francine Elena The Elk
57 Colin Falck To Jennifer
58 Lisa Kelly The Shadow Cast
60 Ralf Webb Foreigners
62 Linda Mannheim In Transit
65 Mike Barlow Ned Kelly
66 Daisy Addison Wabi-Sabi
75 Jim Mangnall / Serena Katt Night Thoughts on a Big River
79 Maria Taylor The Pavilion
80 Toby Martinez de las Rivas From Black Sun
82 Lisa Jackson When We Dance We are Devoted
85 Tamar Yoseloff Carmen
86 Annie Katchinska Shabu-Shabu
87 William Akin Silas (Down a Hole)
89 Ian Humphreys Guttersnipe
91 Angela Kirby Blame it on the Rain
92 Henry Mulhall Aptitude – Event

Artwork on cover by Charles Hewlings