Ambit Issue 221

Ambit 221 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Andrew Motion Wait
5 Carolyn Jess-Cooke Sweet Pea
7 Bernard O’Donoghue Swifts
8 Dave Wakely / Tim Cockburn Still
17 Declan Ryan The Resurrection of Diego ‘Chico’ Corrales
19 Carlos Nogueiras Organic Bread
20 Hyounsang Yoo Photographs
29 Flora de Falbe Narcoleptic Love Song
30 Malene Engelund Freggio
32 Jocelyn Page Ice Cream
34 Richard Scott Veil
35 Marcella O’Connor Motherland
41 Jenny Dunseath Today the studio is my laptop
50 Jenny Dunseath An image, I’m pleased, I’m sad
52 Pavle Radonic Street Shoot
55 Lawrence Bridges Predictable and Odorless
56 Sally Festing The Right Thing
57 Padraig Regan 10 Game Fowls
58 Claire Booker Street Furniture
59 Charles Bliss What If I’m Paraphernalia in the United States of America
61 Robert Selby In God’s Prevenient Grace
64 Tania Hershman / Laura Griffin God Glows
72 Isabel Galleymore Fixation
74 Ivy Callaway Sierra Nevadas
75 Emily Blewitt Things My Dance Teacher Used to Say
76 Roy Marshall Eclipse
77 Summer Salon
86 Jonny Keyworth Bildungsroman
91 James Nixon Note After Extra-Curricular Activity
92 James Gidding A Proposal
95 Sarah Howe Love Poem
96 Olivier Cablat Compression, Deir El Medina

Artwork on cover by Hyounsang Yoo