Ambit Issue 223

Ambit 223 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 John Saul Pharmacists and other Alfreds 
9 Harriet Moore To get back to my body
12 Marianne Burton Kierkegaard’s Cupboard 
13 Giovanna Iozzi / Hannah Cooper The Half-Pigs
22 Carrie Etter Plait 
23 Mark Strand Here
30 Natacha Bryan Blue Gown (an account from Sister Dixon) 
32 Avital Gad-Cykman Barren
34 Edward Doegar Voyeurism
35 William Wootten Snowbound
36 Interview with Patrick Strzelec
46 Matthew Landrum Snow For Yvonne
48 David Henry Brown Jr Yellow Girl
50 Neil Rathmell Wasting Time
52 Roisin Dunnett The Bitter in the Sweet
58 George Jackson St. Pancras Old Church
60 Seán Hewitt from Oak
62 E. Kristin Anderson Frame
63 Lydia Macpherson America
64 Susanne Stich / Sean McSorley Portland
74 Lee Maelzer Fortune’s Entrails
84 Jacqueline Sullivan Journal: War and Peace
86 Alexandra Strnad August
88 Joey Connolly I Am Positioned
89 Phoebe Stuckes Three Spells
90 Alex MacDonald Don’t Let Me Down, Important Spectacle
91 Clare Pollard The Last Poem of Rabia Balkhi, Written in Blood on Her Bathroom Walls After Her Veins Were Cut by Her Brother.
92 Ariel Dawn Among the Paintings
93 Erica McAlpine Bucket
96 Jordie Oetken Untitled, 2013

Artwork on cover by Patrick Strzelec

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