Ambit Issue 224

Ambit 224 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Jen Calleja It should have been you
5 Rebecca Goss Girl
8 Ruth Gilligan / Richard Roberts The Museum of Childhood
14 Emma Hart On recent work
22 Kayo Chingonyi For those orphaned late in life
23 Hai-Dang Phan Adventureland
24 Nisha Ramayya Awkward Bumping in the Theory District
25 Caitlin Newby What’s My Name?
27 David Hartley Shooting an Elephant
33 Leif Low-Beer Good morals
42 Ceridwen Hall Rhetoric, some hints
45 Lindsay Macgregor The Portrait
46 Saradha Soobrayen Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers . . .
48 Jem Goulding Time Base
50 Tess Jolly The Night Light
51 Maria Sabaye Moghaddam The Dead
54 Lesley Saunders Four Macaronic Prose Poems
56 Matthew Sweeney The Fire Devil
57 Callum James Unbuckling
58 Paolo Chianta / Matthew Richardson Popeye in the Public Domain
67 Tom S. Clark Lakeside
68 Dominic Beattie Layers
78 Dani Couture Virga
81 Daniel Jeffreys Wolf Pack
83 Kate Duckney Ren & Stimpy
84 Lewis Buxton Union
86 Adam Phillipson Complicity
91 Edwin Dixon speed awareness
95 Keiko Watanabe Misprision
96 Brendan Burton Good Bye

Artwork on cover by Leif Low-Beer