Ambit Issue 225

Ambit 225 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Liz Berry Black Roads, Him, Out West
6 Chris McCabe Sudden Trellis
9 Martin Bax Memoir Extract
14 Rachael Champion Regenerated Landscapes
24 Eduardo C. Corral Guillotine
26 Niall Campbell Winter with Soren, Arctic
28 Jacqueline Saphra What time is it in Nova Scotia?
29 Francine Elena 90s Ode, Bitch / Cesar
30 Alix Nathan / Emily Mitchell Accounts
38 Alec Kronacker Lifestyle Apocalypse
46 Katherine Bradford Titanic
48 John Saul Twister
51 Abdellatif Laâbi (translated by André Nafis-Sahely) To My Son Yacine
53 Mary-Jean Chan Cultural Revolution, Note to Self
56 Chris Vaughan / Leah Fusco Paddington St. Looking East
64 Constantin Preda A Veteran
65 Neil Rathmell Roland
68 Summer Salon
78 Charlotte Buckley Beachy Head
79 Jane Houston Passengers
80 Madeleine Kruhly backwater
81 Kris Johnson What I Meant When I Said Goodnight
82 Chris Campanioni Ash Wednesday
85 Jane Satterfield Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, Baltimore 1986
86 Andrew Sclater Such Parties Such Champagne
87 James Lawrie Mr Mimulus
94 Catherine McNamara Genitalia
95 Agatha Abu Shehab Self Portrait

Artwork on cover by Alec Kronacker