Ambit Issue 226

Ambit 226 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Mary Jo Salter The Surveyors
8 Fred Johnston / Rachel Gannon Here Haussmann
19 Anna Barriball Place & Time
29 Ambit 2016 Poetry and Flash Fiction Competition
31 Geraldine Clarkson Nuala, Nuala, Nightwatchman’s Daughter
32 Andy Powell Whetted Appetite, Whetted Knife
34 Una Mannion Ginkgo Rain
35 Aaron Head Notes on Cataracts
38 Terri Brandmueller Notes from ‘The Totenkopfmaler Taught my Father Violin’
40 Holly Corfield Carr Circlet
44 Michael Prior Salamander
46 Daniella Cugini Composure
47 Paul McLoughlin Ends Meet
48 Hannah Dargavel-Leafe Underpass
57 Chloe Stopa-Hunt Array
60 Mimi Haddon Monica Jones
62 Thom James The Art of imagining Yourself as Beloved
67 Andrea Witzke Slot Between my country and the others, as ministry
68 Jon Duff Dog Drawings
78 Rae Hoffman Ode to Krispy Kreme
80 Zeina Hashem Beck Say Love Say God
82 Jonathan Duckworth New Moon Sketch
83 Geraldine Bell The Hunt
84 Callum James My Brother Hermes
85 Louise Ihringer / Holly Birtles Postpartum
93 News and Events
95 Amy Key Super Try Again
96 Karoline Hjorth & Ritta Ikonen Eyes as Big as Plates # Bob II

Artwork on cover by Anna Barriball