Ambit Issue 227

Ambit 227 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Shonté Daniels Fried Whiting
7 Kevin Crossley-Holland As it is
8 Alex Townend a little piece of the city
9 Karl Riordan / Nicolas Harper Whiter-Whites
16 Cindy King Summer’s End
18 Jonathan Lasker The Consequence of Idealism in an Imperfect World
28 Mandy Kahn Ives
32 Erin Frances Fisher / Mickey Gibbons Winter Road
42 Šime Kneževic Home Alone
44 Susannah Dickey Jellyfish Parents
46 Ruby Silk Life Round Here
48 Darren Warner Take Over
58 Rachael Allen The Museum
61 Derek Tibbles Mr and Mrs Clark and Blanche
69 Annie Fan Dreamscape IX
70 Tom Jenks Apples
72 Callum Nott ‘When they called him an expert in male friendship’
74 Nancy Anne Miller Ship Clock
76 Carly Holmes Next Door’s Dog
79 Becky Kolsrud Up Close
88 Stav Poleg Water on the moon
89 Lee Nash Trauma: an introduction
90 Alice Devoy Shrink
95 Adam Day Providence
96 Harry Meadley Universal Gesture 1

Artwork on cover by Jonathan Lasker

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