Ambit Issue 228

Ambit 228 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Cynthia Arrieu-King What Happens When I Try to Stick with My Kind
3 Andrew McMillan things said in the changing room
4 Gregory Woods Badia di Cava
7 Lynda Plater Pavanne: slow with Hands Clasped in Front
8 R. Nemo Hill House Song #4 9 Cyril Wong Price
10 Gwee Li Sui The Trial
12 William Jamieson / Gareth Proskourine-Barnett Closed-Circuit
27 Yeow Kai Chai Uncanny Valley
28 Jim Johnstone Carisoprodol
30 Alex Morrison Dun Roamin
40 Eric Norris Astronomy for Beginners
41 Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé The Return of Dada
42 Floyd Cheung My Friend’s Sky
42 Marilyn Nelson Future We Told You So
43 Catherine Edmunds We Visit the Aunts
44 Claudia Serea The Blue House
45 Suzi Osborn Over-Exposed
54 Bryan Fulton / Sara Melin Swimming with Bow-Legged Women
62 Tiffany Lin an oral history.
64 Tara Bergin Renting Emily Dickinson’s Bedroom By the Hour
65 Vivek Narayanan Mountain
66 Norman Paris Great Weight
76 David Tait On the Weakening of Angels
77 Matt Sergent nowadays
78 Annie Dobson Solarium
84 Sheenagh Pugh The Centenaries
85 Joe Lines Moments in the History of the Glottal Stop
86 Jean Atkin The Bodger Goes For a Turn
87 Richie McCaffery Calling
88 Jonathan Chamberlain A Day in Six Bets
90 Witty Fay Self-Mirror
91 Lauren Robinson Prank Phone Calls
92 Apeksha Harsh SAM
95 David Kinloch Visitation
96 Eduardo Paolozzi From the Ambit Archive: Ambit 56 (1973)

Artwork on cover by Alex Morrison