Ambit Issue 23

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Ambit 23 ISSN: 0002-6772

3 Peter Porter Poems
7 Patrick Caulfield Paintings
10 Robert Sward Poems
13 Jeremy Rundall Theatre Workhouse
15 Roy Emmerson Poems
16 Barry Bowes Poems
18 Barry Cole The Ivory Tower
20 Kenneth Adams Poems
21 Christopher Wiseman Poems
23 Peter Blake, Carol Annand, Alan Wakelam, John Edwards, Ron Sandford, Friere Wright, Butowsky, Peter Cornwell Figures
28 Michael Benedikt Poems
30 Science Fiction Section
31 Circe George MacBeth Undersea
34 J. G. Ballard The Draining Lake
41 Edwin Morgan Poems
44 Alan Brownjohn Reviews Porter, Tarn, Ghose.
45 Zulfikar Ghose Reviews Berryman, Dickey
46 Martin Bax Reviews Ann Sexton
47 Jeff Nuttall Poems
49 Notes on Contributors

Cover by Jan Haw

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