Ambit Issue 230

Ambit 230 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Connie Voisine Excerpts from ‘The Bower (A Belfast Poem)’
8 Annemarie Austin Latent Levitation
10 Dominic Hale Epithalamion
11 Tom Heaton / Dana Giurescu The Writer Didn’t Know the Pen was Still Writing
23 Jonathan Trayte Switched On
32 George Szirtes Ambit Summer Competition ‘Resistance’ Report
33 James Dufficy The Invaders
34 Mark Wynne The History of England
35 Marvin Thompson Interviewee: ‘Egypt was an amazing civilisation. It was
not created by Black Africans. I’m sorry.’

36 Scott Ragland Profiles
37 John Mee M _ dern L _ ve
40 Lauren Camp Where We Are When We Are Not Yet There
42 Amaan Hyder Our Name in Topiary
44 Victoria Adukwei Bulley Interval
46 Susannah Dickey We are not nearly as sad as we think we ought to be
48 Lauren Godfrey Branding Issues*
58 Susanna Gendall More or Less
62 Paul Brownsey / Stephanie Parr Time and the Heart
70 Joshua Miller Love and Boredom
80 Sarah de Souza In Defence of Floating
82 Lydia Unsworth That Sweet Spot
83 Hannah Ledlie Fang Town
87 Lizzi Hawkins Osteology I
88 Sarah Marina I Want to Write Her Name Her Name in the Sky
Her Sky in My Name Because
89 Neil Rathmell Most Alone
95 Ricardo Pau-Llosa Swimming Pigs
96 Daniel Gustav Cramer Untitled (Termite Mound)

Artwork on cover by Jonathan Trayte

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