Ambit Issue 231

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Ambit 231 ISSN: 0002-6972


3 Khairani Barokka night shoot

4 Victoria Kennefick Prayer to Audrey Hepburn
6 Andrew Hook Memories of Olive
11 Lisa Kelly A Map Towards Fluency
15 Judy Brown Small Visible Queen
18 Elaine Beckett Green Suitcase
19 Martin Bax Two Lives to Lead, a Memoir
23 Dominic Kennedy Slowly Fading Forms
32 John Saul / Sinead McGeechan Tracks
39 Caitlin Newby My Dear,
42 Imogen Cassels Perseids, August
44 Vala Thorodds Carelessly We Have Entangled Ourselves
46 Helen Nisbet Take Over
56 Rosalind Brown / Laylah Amarchih Herb Garden
63 Bridget Khursheed The Dye Chemists
65 Stephen Sharp Cuts
69 Kate Schneider and Helen Charman Love Island
72 Sophie Larrimore Drinking, Walking, Washing
81 George Ayres You, versus happy thoughts of love
82 Gillian Walker Eucalyptus
84 N.J. Stallard Negative painting exercise
86 Lydia Popowich The Contest
88 Sophie van Llewyn Glazed Apples
90 Phoebe Eccles 23 bits
95 James Stradner The Email
96 Théo Mercier La Famille Invisible

Artwork on cover by Dominic Kennedy