Ambit Issue 232

Ambit 232 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Theophilus Kwek Strangers Drowning
9 Ella Frears Visitation
12 Roisin Dunnett / Kate Ducker Shesus
18 Catherine Story In Conversation
28 Cal Freeman Poolside at the Dearborn Inn
31 Vasiliki Albedo Liar’s Paradox
32 Miranda Peake How impressive
34 Nina Ellis Taking Khayrah to Cambridge
38 Breda Spaight Soothsayer
40 Majella Kelly How to Measure the Loneliness of a Tidal Island
41 John Sperry / Phoebe Nightingale This City You Are Founding
47 Soo Young Yun Being Selfish
48 Devlin Shea Waterworks
57 Adam Welch Toxic
63 Ali Lewis Putting the World Away
64 Julia Webb Dates
66 Phoebe Walker Sardines
68 Anastasia Jill Umbrellas
71 Paul Stinson Three Reviews
74 Gareth Cadwallader Close Up
84 Ian Jackson Purple
86 Charlie Hill Work
89 Joshua Blackman Epiphany at the Polski Sklep
90 Marianne MacRae BOSCH. VISIONS ALIVE, Berlin
95 O. J. Tong Childhood in Limbo
96 João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva Leek head

Artwork on cover by Catherine Story

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