Ambit Issue 233

Ambit 233 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Julian Stannard Eau Sauvage
8 Ella Jeffery ReSpimask
10 Ben Ristow / John Strover Of Evening and the Butcherbird
21 Helen Charman The tenancy
22 Harry Guest Stone Islands
25 Mandy Kahn The Everyday
26 Fiona Curran The world is larger in summer
36 Fady Joudah Bloodline
39 Lesley Saunders Drawn
39 Rosa Campbell Small Rectangle of Light
40 Ahsan Akbar Offshore
42 Rushika Wick Theatre 7
45 Jee Leong Koh From Snow at 5 PM
46 Summer Salon
56 Lorna Elcock / Shih-Hsien Hsu The White Sail
65 João Anzanello Carrascoza (translated by Ilze Duarte) Lines
66 Karen Solie Whose Deaths Were Recorded Officially As Casualties of ‘The Battle of May Island’
68 Sholeh Wolpé The World Grows Blackthorn Walls
70 Rebecca Watts Glamour
71 Lauren Clay Wavy Window
80 Declan Ryan The Bachelors
81 James Woolf One Slightly Crazy Night on East 52nd Street
84 Will Burns Cheap
84 Jennifer Edgecombe elastic bands
85 Robert Selby XVIII: The Daylight
87 Niall Campbell Goodnight
88 Andrew Nightingale Twelve Espressos
92 Abdulla Pashew (translated by Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse) The Red Notebook
94 Rachel Levistky Against Travel
87 James Needham Cusco Park

Artwork on cover by Fiona Curran