Ambit Issue 234

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Ambit 234 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Penelope Shuttle Wallace
4 A.K. Blakemore Tiergarten
5 Roisin Kelly Mary Anne McLeod
8 Fred Voss What Good Is Gravity Without A Woman?
9 Arianna Reiche / Sean O’Brien First Star
16 Luke Burton It’s hard to be ambivalent in the face of such abundance.
26 Ambit Poetry Competition 2018: Majella Kelly, Belinda Rimmer, Arthur Allen
31 Amanda Oosthuizen Distant View of a Thought Leaving*
38 Naomi Pacific Sex in the Off-Hours
39 Maryam Hessavi Anor Anor
40 Michael Marullus / Amy Lewis On His Own Exile
42 Pierluigi Cappello / Todd Portnowitz Note in the Margin
43 Barbara Toporska / Boris Dralyuk The Chronicle
44 Jusuf Naoum / Martin Kratz As a Dog
45 Fawzi Karim / Anthony Howell Central Line
46 Sebnem Susam-Saraeva Wholeness on an alternative plane
47 Ariane Loze Inner Landscapes
57 Anthony Howcroft Other People’s Wives
66 Anita Pati I, washerwoman
67 Anna Reading Whelks
76 James Nixon The Weather
77 Henry St Leger reverse sadness
78 Sarah Whiteside / Lily Jones Sonography
84 Fred D’Aguiar Bullet
86 Tom Laichas L.A. Louver Gallery
87 Jay G Ying Bystander
88 Paul Stephenson There and Back Again to See How Far it is
89 Julie Mellor Rebellion
90 Daniel Simon Sangre de Cristo
95 Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi / Bryar Bajalan & David Shook Untitled
96 Cristina Coral Trio

Artwork on cover by Luke Burton