Ambit Issue 235

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Ambit 235 ISSN: 0002-6972


3 Carl Phillips Field Song
5 Jennifer Lee Tsai Swallows
6 Mimi Khalvati Mehrabad Airport i
8 Dan O’Brien What One Hundred and Twenty-Five
10 Alison Brackenbury 75
11 Tasha Gartside / Kat Gray Hand Made
19 Coco Crampton Vogelkopf
28 Luke Kennard Squirrel
30 Ken Babstock Husbandry in N4
31 Martin Hayes dreaming of Lucas
33 Nelson C.J. Shy Face
37 ko ko thett Collare
38 Serhiy Zhadan / Alan Zhukovski Recollections (from ‘Stones’)
39 Sylvia Geist / Charl-Pierre Naudé Clarification1
40 Mário de Andrade / Ana Paula XLIII
42 Ambit presents... East Anglia
53 Gboyega Odubanjo Confessions in ¾ Timing
54 Evan Pellervo / Molly Cranston Saturn’s Hexagon and The Security Guard
61 Robert Selby Upon the Altar Laid
64 Lavinia Greenlaw Wintersweet
65 Chris Emery The Bittern
66 Eloise Hendy hatching plans
67 Patricia Newbery Walking Towards The Dove-Grey Sky
70 Mark Jackson Iridescents
79 Barbara Barnes I Am Twenty
80 Amir Darwish The News Has Just Arrived
81 Tamar Yoseloff Holiday Cottage
82 Sarah Stewart Places to Hide at Parties: a Guide for Introverts
83 Richard Lawrence Bennett Energy Thieves: 5 Dialogues
88 Raphaela Hopson Looking for Love and Other Loose Change
95 Jubi Arriola-Headley Eulogy
96 Nicky Deeley God Ant Walking

Artwork on cover by Coco Crampton