Ambit Issue 236

Ambit 236 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Hugo Williams Carphology
4 Jorie Graham Sam’s Standing
8 Regi Claire / Nina Carter Walking to the End of the World
18 Harryette Mullen How Shall We Gather What Griefs Destroy?
19 Stephen Sheehan We are giants standing on mountains
28 Charl-Pierre Naudé Elegy to the faithful
30 Jenny Xie Present Continuous
32 Ilya Kaminsky Central Square
33 Steven Heighton / Emily Evans Fireman’s Carry
40 Dunya Mikhail Eva Whose Shadow Is a Swan
42 Yusef Komunyakaa from ‘The Last Bohemian of Avenue A’
45 Isabel Galleymore Into the Woods
46 Genesis Belanger Frizzling Biscuit Bisque
56 Shola von Reinhold The Arcadian
61 Will Burns Grève de Lecq
62 Nick Makoha AMS
63 Craig Morgan Teicher Late Fireworks
64 Ambit presents... Liverpool
74 James Byrne The Caprices
75 Gabrielle Marona Ground Oven
79 Michał Sobol / Jade Cuttle Early Spring
80 Jorge Luis Borges / Warren Montag Clouds
81 Laia Sales Merino To Nick from the English-only movement
82 Romalyn Ante Notes Inside a Balikbayan Box1
85 Shauna Mackay All Those Unwarranted Wails
89 Bryony Littlefair Self-portrait at high-school graduation ceremony
90 Cortney Lamar Charleston Self-Portrait as a
      Recipe for Disaster

92 Dan Bradley Boomerang
93 Taher Adel I don’t know what language I dream in
96 Aneta Grzeszykowska Beauty Mask #11

Artwork on cover by Genesis Belanger